Emmett Facts

1. Emmett’s last name was McCarty.
2. Emmett was the youngest of a huge Scotch-Irish-American brood.
3. Emmett was from Gatlinburg, TN.
4. The bear attack happened in 1935 when Emmett was 20 years old.
5. Emmett was born in 1915.
6. Since Emmett thought his change was the fires of Hell and he figured he had earned that end.
7. He loves any kind of competition or challenge.
8. He likes to gamble with Jasper.
9. We know that Emmett has a 4.0 like the other Cullens, so he's smart.
10. He was mauled by the bear and Rosalie saved him. He reminded her of her friend's baby, the baby she would never have, and she couldn't let him die.
11. He thought Rosalie was an angel and fell madly in love with her. He will do anything for Rosalie.
12. He loves his family and will do whatever it takes to protect them. He considers Bella a part of the family. He's a great brother.
13. He's straightforward and says exactly what he thinks. He doesn't edit.