What's the EDC?

Being a huge Emmett fan, BHG jumped at the chance to start a Team Emmett thread when it was requested. It wasn’t long before the first regulars asked to come up with a name like some of the other teams had. Based on Emmett’s comments in BD about Bella and Edward’s cottage remaining standing and then about how many houses he and Rosalie demolished, the name Emmett’s Demolition Crew was created. It was decided to run the Crew like a business so the name became EDC, Inc. and BHG took applications for the management team – Field Supervisor, HR Manager, and New Trainee Supervisor. Once those positions were filled we began taking applications for the Crew. We now have employees in various job positions. Even Emmett himself stopped by, filled out an application and has come back to visit us a few times.

The EDC is a place to discuss, in depth, anything related to Emmett (something that had been lacking in the regular Emmett thread) and have some fun at the same time. After all, we wouldn’t be doing Emmett any justice if we weren’t having fun in the midst of it all. We occasionally show off our latest demolitions or our newest machines. Everyone in the Crew is friendly and welcoming. It’s a great place to work!

-The entire EDC crew